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Peri-prosthetic fractures

Peri-prosthetic fractures relate to a distinct group of injuries occurring around Joint replacement prosthesis.

Examples of Peri-prosthetic fractures include:

  • Fractures of the femur or/and acetabulum around Total hip replacements
  • Fractures of the femur or/and tibia around a Total knee replacement
  • Fractures of the humerus or/and glenoid (socket of shoulder joint) around a shoulder replacement prosthesis.

These fractures can be simple ones that may be managed non-operatively, but many can be complex and challenging requiring major reconstructive or revision surgery.

Dr Sunil P Reddy has a keen interest and experience in Total Joint replacements of the knee, hip and shoulder and is also an experienced orthopaedic trauma surgeon.

Urgent appointments for fractures and acute knee and shoulder injuries are available.  Patients can call 08 8232 8899 or make an Appointment Request, during business hours. Referring Physicians can call Dr Sunil Reddy directly to discuss such injuries or make an appointment for their patients, including after-hours and weekends.


Examples of peri-prosthetic fractures of hip and knee. The arrows indicate fracture site, severe osteolysis is shown in the oval area and star mark points to the fractured greater trochanteric fragment.

X-ray images of a femur fracture and its fixation with plate and screws.


Some fractures require fixation with bone graft from donor (allograft struts) to facilitate healing and provide additional stability.

Learn more about various fractures around a total hip replacement – visit American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeon website.