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Is exercise bad for your joints?

It seems logical that the more you use something, the more likely it is to get 'worn out' quickly. Following this logic, exercise cannot be good for your joints.

Orthopaedic research roundup

Research published in February this year in the Journal of Regenerative Medicine indicates that stem cell treatment may be able to help patients with knee damage by reducing pain…

Obesity and Joint Replacement Surgery

We have written before about how obesity is a risk factor for knee conditions, and in this article we cover an associated topic – how obesity affects joint replacement surgery.

Study looks at Total Hip Replacement vs Partial Hip Replacement for fractures of neck of femur

Earlier this year a 107 year old woman had a partial hip replacement (a 'hemiarthroplasty') and became the oldest patient in Australia to have this operation.

Study finds prior spinal fusion / spinal deformity may contribute to higher THR failure

One of the five issues listed by the Australian National Joint Replacement as reasons for a total hip replacement revision is 'repeated dislocation of artificial joint'…