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Return to sport following ACL reconstruction

For people who take their sport seriously, an ACL injury is more than an inconvenience, it generally requires surgery to fix and involves a significant recuperation period.

How long does a replacement joint last? New study answers the question

A lot of people in Australia undergo joint replacements, the most common ones being hip and knee joint replacements.

First time shoulder dislocation

A cursory glance at the injuries preventing NRL players from competing in the 2019 season shows that shoulder injuries in the highest levels of this sport are pretty common, with 23 of all the 72 players with injuries having shoulder injuries - that's around 1 in 3.

Obesity as a risk factor for knee conditions

Obesity is a risk factor for many medical conditions, and this is also the case for conditions affecting the knees.

Subacromial bursitis – What is the role for surgery?

Subacromial bursitis is characterised by pain in the shoulder when lifting the arm sideways or forwards, often between an arc of 60 to 120 degrees.