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Study finds prior spinal fusion / spinal deformity may contribute to higher THR failure

One of the five issues listed by the Australian National Joint Replacement as reasons for a total hip replacement revision is 'repeated dislocation of artificial joint'…

Getting pins and needles in your hand? It might be carpal tunnel syndrome

If you've ever bashed your elbow – your 'funny bone' – you'll be familiar with the zinging sensation you feel afterwards.

Recent UK study compares partial and total knee replacement outcomes

A study published last month (July 2019) in The Lancet* based on a randomised clinical trial involving 528 patients at 27 hospitals in the UK has concluded that…

Which type of hip replacement surgery is most suitable for me?

Hip replacement surgery is often recommended where severe damage to the hip joint is causing pain and limiting movement.

Rotator cuff tears in the elderly

Age is a risk factor for rotator cuff tear, with almost 50% of people over 60 and almost 95% of those over 80 with some form of rotator cuff tear.