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Rehabilitation guidelines for MPFL (Medial Patello-femoral Ligament Reconstruction)

  • The time-lines mentioned are approximate and actual progression depends on individual recovery.
  • Patients can weight bear as tolerated from day 1. Please use crutches till good pain control, quadriceps strength and walking mechanics are achieved.
  • A hinged knee brace is to be worn when weight bearing and walking for 4 weeks.
  • Range of movement(ROM) allowed is 0-60 degrees for 2 weeks and 0-90 degrees only until 4 weeks postoperative period.
  • Exercises focus on recruiting VMO (Vastus medialis obliqus) muscle and strengthening quadriceps, hip abductors and core strengthening.
  • For the first 2 weeks – Apply icepacks 3-5 times daily for 10 minutes each time.

First 2 weeks

  • Weight bearing and mobilise as tolerated.
  • Start quadriceps sets, ankle pumps early on.
  • ROM 0-60 degrees only.

2-4 weeks

  • Progress with walking, functional exercises.
  • Progress with single leg stance, balance, proprioception.

4-8 weeks

  • Start no-resistance stationary bike.
  • Functional exercises – focus on eccentric exercises.
  • Pool exercises.
  • Progress with ROM and step-ups.
  • Remember all exercises are closed-chain and functional.

12 weeks +

  • Start resistance training, work or sport specific training after 12 weeks only.