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Upper limb Fractures

Upper limb fractures and dislocations are those associated with the arms and shoulders. There are in fact 64 bones in the human arm/shoulder area - 10 in the shoulder and arm, 16 in the wrist and 38 in the hands and fingers. The clavicle (collarbone) and the wrist are the most common sites of fractures of the upper limb.

Dr Sunil P Reddy prides himself in providing evidence based, quality orthopaedic and trauma care with compassion and a strong patient centric ethos.

He has over a decade of experience in the management of trauma – including acute trauma as well as complications including non-union, infection, bone defects and sequelae of old neglected trauma.

Trauma services offered by Adelaide orthopaedic surgeon Dr Sunil P Reddy:

  • Simple and complex injuries of upper limb
  • Management of complex proximal humerus, glenoid, scapular and clavicle fractures
  • Reconstructive surgery for non-unions, infected nonunions, bone loss
  • Wrist/carpal injuries including scaphoid fractures, scaphoid nonunions, peri-lunate injuries.

Below are examples of fractures of upper limb treated with internal fixation or joint replacement surgery.


3D CT image of a complex scapula fracture treated by ORIF with plates and screws.


3D CT image of a comminuted proximal humerus fracture and x-ray images of treatment with Reverse total shoulder replacement.


Another example of proximal humerus fracture treated with arthroplasty. Healed tuberosity reconstruction resulted in excellent function at 6 month follow-up.


Complex elbow injury with displaced fractures of the coronoid process and fracture radial head with ligament injury. X-rays show radial head replacement and reconstruction of the elbow.


Fracture of clavicle fixed with plate and screws.

Urgent appointments for fractures and acute knee and shoulder injuries are available.  Patients can call 08 8232 8899 or make an Appointment Request, during business hours. Referring Physicians can call Dr Sunil Reddy directly to discuss such injuries or make an appointment for their patients, including after-hours and weekends.

Learn more about various fractures of upper limbs – visit American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeon website.

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