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Role of robotics in total knee replacement surgery

Total knee replacement surgery is most commonly needed where osteoarthritis has developed in the knee joint, which in turn can cause significant pain and prevent full movement of the joint.

In the late 1960s surgeons began to offer knee replacement surgery as an effective treatment for this condition, where the knee joint is replaced by artificial components. Today total knee replacement surgery (also referred to as 'TKA' or 'Total Knee Arthroplasty') is very common indeed, with around 25,000 procedures carried out every year in Australia.

We are now part of JRC – the Joint Replacement Clinic

JRC offers a Pioneering care philosophy and pathway for South Australians requiring Joint Replacement surgery.

The JRC was founded by Prof Jegan Krishnan. Prof. Krishnan and Dr Sunil Reddy have come together to establish this comprehensive pathway of care in Joint Replacement surgery.

This pioneering care philosophy and pathway is available for all South Australians requiring Knee, hip or Shoulder replacements.

I need a hip replacement. Can I and should I have it by the direct anterior approach? I am told it is minimally invasive with many benefits.

Nowadays I get asked this question often. Not only by my patients requiring a hip replacement but also by people I meet at social gatherings. I have used the posterior approach for THR with excellent results for a decade but took the time and effort to train in DAA-THR and offer it to most patients now. (Not everyone is suitable for this approach).

I have compiled a fact sheet and my thoughts on this approach in this information sheet below. Contact us if you would like to learn more and we are always there to help.

Robotic Assisted Total Knee Replacements: Is it any better – does the robot perform the surgery?

When I see patients with painful knee arthritis needing Joint replacement surgery, I sometimes get asked these questions about robotics in TKR. I have put together a few facts and my thoughts on them in the information sheet below. Please contact us if you would like to know more…

Download Robotic Assisted Total Knee Replacement Information Sheet (PDF)

Practice Update Dec 2016

Dr Sunil Reddy is delighted to accept a twelve-week Advanced clinical fellowship focussing on primary and revision shoulder replacement surgery and advanced arthroscopic surgery of the shoulder at Centre Orthopedique Santy and Jean Mermoz Private hospital in Lyon, France.